Fire Pit Ring For Sale Stainless Steel Fire Pit Ring-Stainless steel safety spark screen.

One Man Band Welding.Not One Single Nut Or Bolt Comes From China

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We ship our Fire Pit's, Spark Screens, Conical Cone Metal Fire Pit Covers To The Following States.We use UPS and LTL Freight. California, Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon, South Dakota, Vermont, Wisconsin, Alaska, Colorado,California,Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee Virginia, Wyoming, Arizona, Connecticut, Hawaii ,Iowa, Main, Minnesota,Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Kentucky, Kansas Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada ,New York, Oklahoma, South Carolina,Utah, West Virginia.Austin,Dallas,San Antonio,Chicago,Minneapolis,St Paul,Rochester,Duluth, Brainerd, Fargo, Grand Forks ,Des Moines ,Souix Falls, Portland, Seattle, Boise, Bozeman, Billings, Cleveland, Madison, Milwaukee, Cape Cod, Chicago,Dallas,Austin, Fort Worth,

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If you're looking for a new or to replace your, fire pit ring,metal campfire ring,fire pit grate,fire bowl,cooking grate or  fire pit embers spark screen then you may have come to the right Web Page.The products we build are not your typical low quality made in China or Mexico yard and garden accessories you would find at Big Box Menards, Lowes,Home Depot,Walmart,Tractor Supply, Runnings, Sears, Home and Hearth, or internet sites like Wayfair, Woodland Direct, or even Pilot Rock and Jamestown Advance,Dancing Fire.
Higley Fire Pit's and Higley Metals fabricates only the best in stainless steel fabricated fire pit ring insert and liner to fit your pre built   masonry fire hole. We will build you a custom fire pit kit for your patio or back yard garden.

We have liners and inserts to fit any size firewood.For Sale are free-standing portable fire pit's


                                                                            WHY USE A FIRE PIT LINER-INSERT?

Minnesota made Fire pit liner-inserts are made of heavy gauge rust corrosion stainless steel or mild carbon steel that protects fire pit bricks and blocks from direct heat. If hi intense heat contacts any style or make of block they will dry out and

fall apart.


Fire Pit Tubs-With Or Without Top Flange

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My new conical  fire pit ring covers are built light, wind dymamic not to blow away,and strong. Holds a 300 lb man or woman. Two styles,Stainless Steel and Mild Steel  with heat coat paint applied. Powder coat applied this finish will stand the test of time.Just click the buy now button to see current sizes- and pricing.

Fire Tubs

Why do you need a flange? Top flanges are used for two things. 1. If you have a hole made from block or concrete and the hole is not round,you can drop the tub in and it will cover up the gap.

2.Top flanges are used when you want to place a fire pit spark screen over the top.The spark-ember screen will rest on the flange.

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Custom Made Fire Pit Screens-Liners-Metal Covers-Stainless Steel Inserts

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