Grill # 200                          Grill #100            

Grill # 400  Made 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel.3/8" Round  Bar.

Certified Tig Welds for commercial use. Easy Cleaning.

We make custom round bar grill sizes  Call 763 438 0356

Custom Gas Grill Up Grade Replacement Grills.Call for pricing. Ph 763-438-0356

1-1/4" x 1/4" Thick Stainless Steel Frame. Will hold 100 lbs of food.

Grill 100  $229.00/$38.00 Shiping  22" Dia Type 304 Food Grade Grill

Grill Slots with Fry Plate. We can also make this model 50/50 slots,grill plate.

Fits Large 22" Weber Grill Cover

Our swivel grills are made from 304 stainless steel. Included is  the following..

* Welded or bolt on sleeve.The sleeve will accept the post for the grill to ride on.

* The grill frame rides on the post and is adjustable up/down and turns 360 Deg.

* We offer a laser cut grill plate # 100  and  less expensive grill that  is made from stainless  round bar. Both grill plates remove for easy cleaning

*All Grills Will Fit The Weber Cover Cover !

Grill 300  $249.00  Made from 304 no rust food grade stainless steel. Easy Clean.

Grill  # 200  $189.00

Grill #400 Cast Iron Grill 18" Diameter.

$189.00  $38.00 Shipping.