Grill # 200                          Grill #100            

Grill # 400  Made 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel.3/8" Round  Bar.

Certified Tig Welds for commercial use. Easy Cleaning.

Fits Large 22" Weber Grill Cover

Our swivel grills are made from 304 stainless steel. Included is  the following..

* Welded or bolt on sleeve.The sleeve will accept the post for the grill to ride on.

* The grill frame rides on the post and is adjustable up/down and turns 360 Deg.

* We offer a laser cut grill plate # 100  and  less expensive grill that  is made from stainless  round bar. Both grill plates remove for easy cleaning

*All Grills Will Fit The Weber Cover Cover !

We make custom round bar grill sizes  Call 763 438 0356

Custom Gas Grill Up Grade Replacement Grills.Call for pricing. Ph 763-438-0356

1-1/4" x 1/4" Thick Stainless Steel Frame. Will hold 100 lbs of food.

Grill 100  $229.00/$38.00 Shiping  22" Dia Type 304 Food Grade Grill

Grill Slots with Fry Plate. We can also make this model 50/50 slots,grill plate.

Grill 300  $249.00  Made from 304 no rust food grade stainless steel. Easy Clean.

Grill  # 200  $189.00

Grill #400 Cast Iron Grill 18" Diameter.

$189.00  $38.00 Shipping.