Higley Metals has been building backyard and commercial use fire pit rings since 1980s.

Our stainless steel fire pit rings and spark screens are used by commercial and home users.

We enjoy making products that people enjoy! We are constantly making new and fun products that revolve around fire.

Each year we fabricate a new and different outdoor cooking adventure for the Food Network .

This buy now site is was made so I can add and delete products with out disturbing our search engine rankings on my other 3 fire pit websites.Please contact us with any questions or ideas you may have for new products.

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Higley Metals LLC

Minnesota Made Fire Pits

Fire Pit Ring For Sale Stainless Steel Fire Pit Ring

Fire pit ring for sale stainless steel fire pit ring spark screen.Fire pit ring for sale stainless steel fire pit ring.

Here is just a few of the fire pit styles we manufacture. You can visit our websites or this buy now store to see all models.

*Custom made fire pit rings. Stainless Steel Fire Pit Liners & Inserts.Top flange lip models,1.50,2",5" or any custom size.

*Swing away cooking grates, Firepit log holders,roasting sticks,blow pokes,pokers.Round ,square or hexagon campfire rings made from mild steel. Tubs of all sizes,depth and styles.Many of our bbq pits are used by comepitition teams through out the US and Canada.

*Fire pit safety spark screens.The fire pit screen is used to contain sparks and flying embers when there is a safety concern or late night containment when you are leaving the fire. Our specialty is lift off dome screens,center pivot or clam screens,and popular double door spark screen. We also build square and rectangular fire containment screens.

Fire Pits For Sale.Custom build one at a time fire pit screens,ring,stainless steel flange top liners,swing away grills,bowls,tubs,mid steel fire pits,
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