Fire Pit Ring For Sale Mild Steel Fire Pit Ring

                          Grill #2

20" x 20" Square

This is our premium grill.Made from 304 food grade stainless steel. 3/8" solid round bar grill  pulls out of cradle for

easy cleaning.Includes post and sleeve.

sleeve mounts inside or outside fire  pit.

​Adjustable up and down,turns 360 degrees.

$259.00 plus $59.0 shipping

18" x 30" dia

$199.00 plus $44.00 shipping

                                            FLANGE TOPMILD STEEL FIRE PITS


Fire pit grill for weber

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New ! from  Higley Welding.  Trio Spherical Gyro grill....Meat

The gyroscope was around in 1507,I have taken taken this to the next level. This three ring Spinning bbq grill cooks  meat evenly thoroughly throughout meat. Holds up to 17 lbs of meat. The meat is sanwitched  between the center spinning grill.

Current backlog on this new product is 1 month.  "Patent Pending"

                                                                                          MILD CARBON STEEL FIRE RING LINER

Using the outdoor fire pit liner-insert can be used either as a stand alone campfire ring or you can order with a welded bottom plate and have a fire bowl.You should  know that when using  rock,brick,or any other media for the outside shell if you do not use the protective firepit  liner or insert chance are it will dry out and crumble in a short time.This stands true for for any firplace also. We offer two metals.Mild Steel or Stainless Steel type 304 and 409 for some rings.
Available in 12" 14" deep or 16" Deep.

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23" Diameter x 14" Deep.Stainless Steel liner with and with out bottom plate.

If used on top of brick patio, a bottom plate should be used. This allows a 2" dead air space . Includes Grill.

*No bottom $ 399.00 plus ship

*With welded patio bottom plate

​$469.00 Call  763-438-0356

18" Deep x 36" Diameter

​$229.00 plus 60.00


22" Round Grill. Designed to fit a Weber Grill Cover

New!  Hexagon Fire Pit Liner-Free Standing Fire PIt.

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​AVAILABLE 30" & 36" Measured across the flats.


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Our fire pits are usually in stock,however early spring through Memorial Day we are very busy!  Our turn around time during the spring and early summer is 7-10 working days. If an item is out of stock we will contact you the same day to notify you to see if you want a different  model or refund. Feel free to contact us at   Ph 763-438-0356.

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