Less Smoke Tree Stump Wood Burning Fire Pit
Use on patio,yard,or small area.This concrete with resin made wood trump shell is fire proof.,It is lined with stainless steel 11gauge 304 stainless steel,with or with out welded bottom plate. Why is this classified a less smoke tree stump?Between the fire pit tree liner and tree stp shell is a dead air space that is allowed to collect hot air. the hot air will rise and flow from the holes on top mixing with smoke.Smoke is unused fuel cased by lack of oxygen,The hot air shooting out the holes mixes with the smoke cause a secondary combustion burn eliminating annoying smoke..Optional cooking grills,pot holders,pizza oven. 

Higley Fire Pits " For Those Who Want The Very Best"

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 Our new style of fire pit is made from a Concrete Fiberglass mixture.This fire pit will take extreamly hi temps however for longevity you will need a liner. If you use any other material other than stainless steel you are throwing your money away. Other knock off models sold by big box stores are made in China and of light weight 22 gauge mild carbon steel that rusts and falls apart in less than a year.This will not dry out or catch fire.Our fire pit liner is made from 11 gauge type 304 "NO RUST" stainless steel.



# 3  swivel grill - 20 x 20                                                              #2 Welded bottom plate.                                                                           # 4 optional screen                                                         

Adjustable up/down - turns 360 deg                                         Welded at 12" for 2" air clearance below bottom plate.                        click here for info